Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kale Movement

A couple big things I've found on fitness/health blogs have caught my attention recently. One of these is kale. The taste is so much stronger than spinach, and a lot of people recomend actually boiling it for consuming.
I found some at Walmart! I was pretty excited & surprised.. They also carry veggie burgers, tofu, and even some vegan cheese! Pretty nice for a small town. I'm really not sure what people here think of being vegetarian or vegan, but I'm sure it's kind of like that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.. "What do you mean, you don't eat no meat?! That's okay - I'll make lamb." ( Story of my life in the last three years since I stopped eating meat! Anyway, for lunch I boiled some kale...
I ate it with a sweet potato topped with some coconut oil & pumpkin pie spice - YUM! For dinner I had a bunch of raw kale & spinach salad with olive oil & fat free feta ... I might have snuck a little bit of low fat caesar as well.. I LOVE caesar salad dressing! And after a twelve mile run I thought why not splurge a little ;)

It was so hot outside!! I loved it! I layed out for a bit - I'm trying to get rid of the awful running tan lines I'm getting - the socks, shorts, tank... meh. I really wouldn't care so much about tan lines, except in a month Steve and I are getting some wedding pictures taken and my strapless dress might look a little funny with sports top tan lines. :)
I probably should not have layed out to bake before my long run... but I was waiting for my running buddy to get out of a late church service ~ plus I didn't want to run in the heat of the day. It still ended up being pretty hot, and I probably could have had more water before I hit the trails, but I didn't want to have to stop to go to the restroom. Two hours is a long time to be running... LONG. TIME. I went pretty slow and am pretty happy that I went that distance. My first time to run 12 miles! Wahoo!

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