Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well this morning was horrifying! We had a tornado hit half a mile away from our home! AH! It was so scary sounding - like a train - and, other than the tornado warning that had been on all evening and was set until 2 am, there was no warning. No sirens. Our internet & phone service stopped working about half an hour before it hit. People were driving around in circles through the neighborhood. There was some sort of explosion and what looked like a fireball that a ton of people were standing outside looking at. I am thankful it wasn't worse. But there have been at least six found dead, including children. :( I've never had a disaster so close to where I was staying. It made me extra thankful and appreciative that I was with my husband, and I hope the feeling of pure thankfulness & appreciativeness lasts!! I need more of that in my heart, honestly.
Just this evening I got SUPER annoyed, frustrated, and some anger towards some people and it was my hubby who reminded me that I should instead pray for them. So we did. And it just really reminded me - once more - that I can either spend my time being annoyed with people or not. Honestly. There will ALWAYS be people who I can let get to me. I am never going to agree with everyone. In fact, it is rare for me to find people who really agree with Steve and I on most issues. We both were home-schooled and want to do the same with our children. We make a lot of choices off the Bible and what we feel God would want us to do instead of society or what is "popular." Especially with American's wanting less and less to do with God and Biblical morals - our opinions are WILDLY UNPOPULAR and often mocked. Anyway - the point is, as a believer I am even told that the world will hate me because it hates Jesus. It hated Jesus before I was even born! And the world will hate Him after I die, too. I need to get over my lack of patience with people I don't agree with or get along with and not let things so silly (that I cannot do anything about!) steal my joy! Ah, I have so much growing up to do!

I have been eating less protein lately - not on purpose. I have been craving junk food like crazy and have had such a hard time saying no! These cravings would be SO much easier to fight had I been eating more protein the past week. I know that about my body. So I'm going to work this week at making sure I really get a lot of protein in. I know it will help me feel better and eat so much healthier!

My fitness goals are to tone up all over. I want to get my abs back. I told Steve I want to have abs so hard I can wash clothes on them. LOL maybe not that intense... I really would LOVE to be able to lose one to two inches around my hips and fit into my skinny jeans. I have atleast seven pairs I fit into pre-wedding that I can't wear now. :( I haven't weighed myself in weeks. The last time I did I think I was 134?? Last summer and before I got hitched in Nov I was 122-125. Boo. Ten pounds = an inch around the hips alright! My half marathon is in two weeks (wow, time goes by fast!) and after I am done with that I look forward to going back to weights and more HIIT. That will help blast fat and get me toned quick for this summer! :)

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