Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Protein & waiting to feel better.

I'm not feeling well today. I was sick all morning and felt pretty bad that I had to tell Steve I really wasn't up to even making him breakfast. :( Wife fail. I'm feeling better now, and hopefully I feel better later this afternoon because I need to get in a speed workout today... on my schedule today is 2 mile warm up, 7 x 800 at 10k pace, 2 mile cool down. I'm suppose to receive a GPS watch in the mail today! Maybe I'll get extra lucky and I will feel better, the sun will come out, AND my watch will get here at the same time. :) Steve also ordered me some GU along with the watch - YAY!! I'm hoping GU will help my long runs. I am running 13 this weekend - WOW - and really need to start training with it if I plan to use it during the race.

Breakfast this morning:
Not too exciting. I had some pre-chopped bell pepper & pre-boiled kale that I mixed with egg whites. Also had a piece of whole grain toast with an over-easy egg on top. Nom nom.
19 grams of protein, 13 grams carbs, 190 calories.
I usually eat closer to 300 calories but today I wanted to get in some veggies because I honestly just have a hard time eating them lately. It helps that the weather is getting warmer, I will have much more of an appetite for salads & fruit in the summer. I already am wanting them a little more :) I am pretty good at sticking to eating five to six times a day, small amounts. And as long as I don't eat my last meal or snack too early, I am never really hungry or full. I usually have at least 100 grams of protein a day. I don't really pay attention to fat or carbs, because I have been only eating "good carbs" and "good fats." Even still, I usually end up eating "too much" fat and "too little" carbohydrates. Most days look close to this. (this day actually has less protein than my normal, but close enough):
Yes, I count my calories. I will eat too much if I don't - but I also want to make sure I am eating enough to fuel my body as well as enough to replenish & repair after workouts. I have really increased my protein intake just this past month, and I can definitely tell a difference in my training. My recovery time is better and I am not as sore. I feel so much better ALL the time, but my workouts especially are a lot more enjoyable. It has really helped being able to hop on the internet when I am craving something and find a healthy alternative. That way I rarely feel like I am missing out on eating something that I really want. It also helps reminding myself that a craving is temporary. And whatever it is I want in full fat & full sugar - I most likely won't tomorrow. One day at a time! It really does get easier!

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