Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I ate GREAT all day yesterday.
Then, I made chocolate chip cookies.
I should have known better. Ugh.
That is pretty much how every day lately has looked, though! I do great, until the evening when my husband wants some sort of sugary snack and I cave - every time! It's like I just cannot be around it without eating junk food! So annoying.
It was so much easier to say only occasionally "no" to junk food. When I lived with roommates who ate pretty healthy as well I had very little temptation. Not that I would eat their food anyway. I had such a hard time before I moved out of my parents not eating crap because they kept so much at the house. I am just not one of those types that can "just have a nibble" or only one cookie/brownie, whatever. I freaking REALLY LIKE SUGAR.

I need to change this and find some sort of substitute or something, because I can't keep doing this every day. My husband isn't going to change. He makes sacrifices and gives up a lot of junk food he would probably normally keep in his cupboard. Because he knows I have little control and at some point I will probably eat 3/4 box of whatever junk food it is. I have known this about myself for years. And so I never got junk food. It will drive me crazy and I will seriously think about how much I want to eat it and argue with myself about it ALL day.

I'm seeing a counselor tomorrow. I wonder what she will think about all this. Poor lady.

For breakfast I had egg whites with red onion & tomato. My legs hurt all night, to the point where it was difficult to even get comfortable laying down! :( Normally the day after long runs I run an easy three or four miles. Today I biked at the gym for 25 minutes instead. It felt SO good! Really stretched out my legs :) Then I did a lot of upper body weights & came home and did a TIU abs video. After the gym I made protein crepes - SO GOOD! I think I'm going to start making these for a while with fruit instead of protein pancakes (kind of burned out on those right now~) For a late lunch I had veggie sausage, half a sweet potato with smart balance butter & pumpkin pie spice, and some fat free pretzels.

The Kale Salad (I used spinach) I posted about yesterday was a SUCCESS. It was SO good!!! I'm making it again tonight :) I did not make the three bean salad because we have quite a bit of left overs to finish off first-- Brown rice & cauliflower soup. I am sure that will be tasty, too, though!

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