Friday, April 20, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar and Metabolism?

So recently I have started following many different blogs about fitness & health. Most of these people are fitness models and their blogs are full of clean, healthy recipes and heart breaking workouts. Awesome.

I have noticed that a couple of bloggers are really into drinking Apple Cider Vinegar. The Tone It Up diet (can I bring it up again??) has a drink "Meta-D" that is made of apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, crushed red pepper, 100% apple juice & water. I haven't bought this plan. So I don't know how many times a day they recommend drinking it - I know at least once in the AM with breakfast.

I did some research.

It looks like drinking apple cider vinegar has been thought to aide in weight loss for YEARS. For years people have been drinking this stuff. Multiple sites and studies later... I cannot for the life of me find ANYTHING that solidifies or supports that this will increase metabolism or help a person lose weight & burn fat.

So many people claim that this helps - but there is no proof! None. So there you go. Hours of reading summed up to this little: Drinking apple cider vinegar will not help you or I increase our metabolism, lose weight, or burn fat.

I am not a close minded person. I am decisive, sure, but I do my research and make educated decisions. This is true of politics, too, which I plan to not ever bring into my blog. (*Shew* I know.) So if you find legitimate evidence about this pointing in another direction - please tell me! I just could not find any. Not. A. One.

I was about to say "no new recipes" but it is a lie! I just remembered. Yesterday marked five months being married. Wow! Funny, I would say it feels longer, he would say it feels shorter. I don't know why we never "feel" it has been the appropriate amount of time. I also don't know which is better, or if they are not better or worse - just different. Anyway. I tend to eat like a horse (you know, let me lose with sugary & cheesey food and I will eat myself to death) BUT I remembered a recipe I saw for *TWO* cupcakes! Hehe! Makes me giggle a little bit. :) I tweaked the recipe some - making it with 1/2 sugar, 1/2 splenda, almond milk instead of cow utter milk (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA non-vegans are freaks!! lol I am totally just kidding) and I forgot the vanilla. I did not realize I had forgot the vanilla until Steve asked what kind of cupcakes they were. Before I could say vanilla - I realized I hadn't put it in. They were just... cupcakes. But so good!!! They were easily the best I've ever made! Winning.

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