Thursday, May 3, 2012

Race Recap/Venting

Wow! I am so disapointed with how I did! I couldn't figure it out. I was more than prepared - why did I get so sick? Not pregnant, didn't try anything new on race day (like gels)... Then Steve asked what I had to eat the night before. Some whole wheat pasta & 3 bean salad. ..."The three bean salad you made last week?? Chickpeas go bad within a few days!"
Horrible timing!
But, I still finished. And considering how sick I was all afternoon, I would say 2:27 isn't too bad! Pretty frustrating, but I'm glad I did it and now it is OVER.
Which means - I can go back to body pump classes & lifting lower body!!!! :D I went to body pump Tuesday this week. OH it HURT SO GOOD. I was very surprised how strong my lower body has gotten from only running! For the Squats & Lunge tracks I did more weight than I think I have ever done! I wasn't expecting that at all. I still want to keep milage up, but I am cutting my carbs the next two weeks so I probably won't be at the same amount I was while in training.

Today I did five sets of the following:

I was drenched in sweat at the end. What a workout! I'm also going to go to the gym in a bit and do some cardio!
-1 mile warm up
-2 minutes hard / 1 minute easy x8
-1 mile cool down

I will be bikini ready in no time! ;)
Speaking of bikini season - I miss the lake! I miss going to the lake for a week in the summers I was in California. Oh, I miss it so much! I'm not sure what this summer in Woodward will entail, but I sure hope it's fun. I still haven't made many friends here so it's not looking good - LOL. I didn't miss Tulsa before for many many reasons - but I am beginning to miss the few friends I have there and tanning with them last summer! :(
I keep praying that God send me a good friend ~ it's hard not to get lonely here sometimes.

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