Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lend Me Your Hand, and We Will Conquer Them All

Checking in!
I fit into my wedding dress for some more pictures with a photographer I've known for years. I haven't seen them yet - I will be sure to post, though! :)
Today: ran six miles in a little over an hour. I'm just glad I got it in! I am having a hard time lately getting in longer runs. I have time, and no legitimate excuses - just a mind game, really.
I have cut my carbs, increased protien, and got back into lifting. I already notice a huge difference. Steve weighed me out of curiousity the other day and said that I've lost weight. I have no clue, still, what I weigh. I didn't know what I weighed before. And I like not knowing. I really have a tendency to obsess about what I think the "perfect" number is, blah blah blah.
I haven't thought - until just now - to measure myself. I don't really care much, though. For once in my life! I am more toned, and will continue to get more toned (consistency is key!) so I'm not worried about it. What a relief!
I am doing a show in July, so I would like to get my hip measurement to 35-36. That isn't much, and once again, what I am doing will get me there. :)

I had a little pride-ful moment (Lord forgive me) last week at body pump. I just LOVE being STRONG and getting STRONGER! It feels so good. No, this picture is not me! Haha. I would love to get this tank, though!!

I realized something this week. I really really hate feeling awkward. And that is a hinderance to me as I try to make new friends here. Steve is so good at it! He is just so friendly & outgoing like most people here. I could learn from him. :) I am so thankful that churches here are full of welcoming & loving people! I keep praying for a group of Christ following friends. I need to be praying more for confidence & the guts to be more outgoing!

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