Friday, May 18, 2012

House Wifey

I am incredibly blessed in that I do not need to work/my husband wants me to be a home-keeper. Today was especially exciting -- the lawn needed to be mowed. It is absolutely my FAVORITE chore. I LOVE moving & being outside! It has been SO nice this week, too! Steve has been getting faster at work and because they haven't increased his patients yet, he has been getting done at work a little earlier and also getting a longer lunch. It's been pretty nice. Twice this week we got to have a little picnic outside during his lunch break. So fun!

Today was extremely windy so I decided to do my run with HIIT inside at the gym. Lately my cardio indoors has been less than I would like. (I usually don't like treadmills or elipticals - like I said before, I like to GO places OUTDOORS). So I spent a couple minutes before leaving the house thinking about that and realized that I need to have more of a plan than just "doing cardio at the gym". I decided what would be a good workout before hand and then stuck to it. I have to say, it is fun seeing how many calories you scorch doing HIIT! I subsribe to many fitness blogs and pin many on pinterest so I have an abundance on ideas, but this week I wasn't really committing to any certain one before hand. (Unless it was outdoors. I don't have a problem with running intervals or long distance outside.)
 So today I did one mile warm up, stretch, two minutes at 80% and two minutes easy jog TEN TIMES, one mile cool down. (All at incline 1)
It was great!! I was drenched with sweat and torched 900 calories. After mowing, before I washed up, I did a short workout from Tone It Up. Good day :)

I am the kind of person that sees babies or baby clothes and wants one. Lately, though, I have really enjoyed all the time I get to spend alone with Steve. I keep thinking, "We couldn't do this if we had a baby!" It helps me hold out longer. Haha. I know it's the smart thing to do to wait a couple years and I really do want to. I am so excited for when we do decide to grow our little family! :)

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