Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Challenge

I follow many blogs for healthy recipes and workout ideas. One of the ones I follow is Muffin Topless. I decided to do her Fall Challenge mostly because there are a few things I have been wanting to change for the last couple months but, for one reason or another, I hadn't gotten around to doing them. The challenge had different things to post about every day of the month in October. Today is making a list of goals, big and small. 

Here are mine:) 
 1) I will not weigh myself (AT ALL) or count calories. This is a very personal goal. Because I am recovering from an ED my goals in fitness are *health* or performance related. Not an obsession with a number (pant size, inches that my hips, waist, etc. 'should' be, or what the scale says) as well as not obsessing over how many calories I've eaten and/or burned. I'm trying to not restrict myself and live in moderation. (But still keep a majority of my intake 'clean' foods.) My ultimate goal is to not stress and/or worry about darn NUMBERS and be FREE to live a healthy and balanced life. (I am working with a counselor and probably won't talk much more about this in my blog quite yet.)
2) Stretch at least 30 minutes at least three times a week. Quite simply, I don't stretch enough. I know I need it and I have had a horrible habit of putting it off. No more! As a runner with bad posture I know I especially need it in my lower body.
3) Journal Daily. Another goal I've been putting off too long but want to habitually do. Not just about fitness/health, but mostly spent as time in prayer and in the Bible. I'm embarrassed. I schedule my workouts (at times self-idolatry) but have been slacking on spending even HALF as much time with God. :(
4) JUST KEEP RUNNING. I am half way to my other New Years Resolution this year of running 1500 miles. Yep. I have 750 miles to go. I also have another half marathon coming up that I would LOVE to PR. Who wouldn't? ;) Just keep running, just keep running...
5) Thank God ALWAYS for my health. Even if I don't reach my resolution or race goals, every day I should thank God for my health. My body functions normally, is free from disease, and strong. Thank God for ALL runs - good or "bad." More time being grateful and thankful will mean less time I am comparing myself to others and tearing myself down.

My plan for getting these goals done- Make a schedule. Schedule it like I schedule my clients and my own workouts. I'll stick to a schedule. Heck, I LOVE schedules! :) Life happens and I don't expect this all to happen starting now and to never fail or skip something. But I'll do my best and keep updated on my instagram. :)

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