Monday, September 3, 2012

nom nom

I am such a fat girl at heart. I really am.
I tried a couple recipes last week - all successful! I have pictures and links for the recipes, I'm just too lazy today to type them out myself :) I'm not sorry. I used the app Myfitnesspal to calculate the nutritional info with all the items I used. Some of the recipes I tweaked a little, based off what I had.

SO. Those were all amazing, and didn't last in my house very long. I changed my lifting routine again - I get bored easily. :) Ideally, you should mix it up every 4-6 weeks, I think I am usually lucky to be on the same one for four weeks! I will be honest - my diet has been horrid. I don't know what's up with me - it's hard for me to get motivated the past week or so to eat clean. The last few days I haven't felt well, itchy throat & extra sleepy. I joined bodyspace for some encouragement, and it really has helped me get a little more excited about my workouts and making progress.

I have really put on muscle - honestly, easier than I thought I would! I have been sure to eat a lot of protein and not eat too little (Lord knows my problem is never not eating ENOUGH). My abdominals are still pretty strong, but under a little more... cushion covering them. So I haven't taken any progress pics - they've gotten worse. :( I keep thinking - "I will eat clean tomorrow! I will get serious!" But it doesn't last long. It's like I just forget that I want to eat clean & shed some fat.
Like I said, I need more motivation. A set, specific goal.
I have quite a few people in town who have already talked to me about my training them! Wow, makes me pretty nervous! I just worry that I won't do well or I will be disappointing.
Oh, but I always worry those things when I start something new. No biggy :)

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